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These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms of Use") constitute legal contracts between you and "Minopsistech” and (a) all the other sites that carry the brand" Minopsistech "or co-branded with Minopsistech (including secondary domains, international versions, courseware, systems RDP, videos) ; (b) our platform; (d) media, brands, products, services, softwares, (e) other devices or networks now existing or to be developed in the future.

Our courseware is composed of professional videos and training of systems that is performed using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), the access to systems is performed by sending permissions to email address that you entered as a status.
Upon using the website and / or the courseware, it is indicated you have read these conditions and you accept them. You cannot use the website and / or the courseware If you do not accept these terms.

Intellectual property rights. All copyrights and intellectual property rights of the website, including the website design, the contents that are publicated and any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text and any other material contained therein, designs, trademarks, trade secrets and arrangement of the information - are the property of "Minopsistech".

These copyright apply on, among others, all text, image, illustration, map, sound clip, video, graphics, and software applications that are included on the website (hereinafter the "Protected Material"), unless expressly determined that the copyrights in the Protected Materials belong to another entity.

The user may make a "Fair Use" of the Protected Material for its personal use only, as set out in the law. The Fair Use includes reasonable quotation of the Protected Material. Subject to the laws on copyright, the user is prohibited to copy, publicly display, redistribute, broadcast or publish Protected Material, transfer to third parties or do any commercial or non-commercial use. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, use or transfer to the public such contents or accompanying trademarks, or make any commercial use or other non-commercial use, without the prior express written consent from the copyright owner of such contents.

Governing Law. These Terms, and use of the website or its content, will be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of  Minopsistech registered in it, without regard to conflicts of laws provisions. The exclusive and sole jurisdiction for any action or proceeding arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use, and use of the website or content will be of the corresponding State of the state Minopsistech registered in it . The parties to this Agreement confirm that it is their wish that this Agreement, and all documents relating hereto, including the notifications, are and will be written in the English language. This agreement will not be subject to the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is disregarded. Minopsistech reserves the right to seek any relief possible at law and at equity for the breach of these Terms, including the suspension or the blocking of your access to this website. You agree to defend and indemnify us and our managers and employees against any damages, claims, liabilities and costs arising directly or indirectly from the breach of these Terms, of from your use of this website. Our failure to enforce any provision of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such provision or legal rights or from our integrity. If any provision or part of these Terms of Use and of this Agreement is or becomes invalid under any applicable law, regulation, judgment, order or decree, it will be interpreted in accordance with the intention of the parties so that to fit the legal requirements, or otherwise it shall be deemed to be separated from the rest of the document, and the rest of this agreement will remain enforceable and valid.

Indemnity. You agree to indemnify the "MINOPSISTECH", to protect them and remove any liability from them regarding any claim, liability, compensation, loss, cost, expense or fee (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) that may accrue as a result of a breach of these Terms on your side (or from anyone using  your user account). "MINOPSISTECH" reserves the right to defend itself in its excusive and sole discretion on any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, and in such cases, you agree to cooperate with the defense of "MINOPSISTECH" against such claims.

Your permitted use of this website. The company hereby grants to the authorized person a license to access and use of the courseware of the authorized licensee under the terms of this Agreement. The license granted is personal, limited, non-transferable and non exclusive. In accordance with this Agreement, and in the framework of the license granted to the licensee, the licensee cannot perform and / or allow any other person to perform the following: (a) to give to third parties the benefit of the use of the courseware and / or the services, inter alia, by way of rent, sublicense, transfer of rights, lease, market, upload the software on the Internet, sale to third parties or distribution of the software or materials and / or services associated with them or parts of them in any way; (b) to copy or reproduce the software in whole or in part, except for the purpose of creating a backup copy that is used only to reinitialize the software for the licensee; (c) to use the information contained in the software and that constitutes a trade secret, to develop another courseware that reproduces or recreates the courseware; (d) to modify, translate or create derivative works of the courseware or parts of it; (e) to override the technical barriers of the courseware, to use tools allowing the use with features and / or functions that are otherwise not given to operation with the courseware, to perform reverse engineer courseware; (f) to remove, alter or hide alerts or messages about the protection of the rights of confidentiality and / or intellectual property rights of the company or of its representative to grant licenses, including notifications of copyright existing in the courseware or any of the copies of courseware; (g) to perform or attempt to perform any act which interferes with the correct operation of the courseware and / or services provided, and / or prevent access to the use of the courseware or to the services by the other licensees and by the company's customers; (h) to cause the overload the infrastructure in a manner that is not reasonablel or that is not proportional in size; (i) to use the courseware in a different way than what is permitted under this section.

The license granted to the licensee pursuant to this Agreement permits him to install a copy of the courseware on one computer, which has no external access, and to use it on this computer only and to use the courseware directly on the website and / or through the application. It is forbidden to install the courseware on the server in a computer network and / or in a network workstation computers and all computer installation requires the purchase of a specific license for the specific computer where the courseware is installed. All in accordance with and subject to this Agreement and the additional Terms of Use that may accompany certain programs which will be provided in the future.

Other agreements; software, services or access. The Copmany Minopsistech provides to the user a license for a period of thirty days for the courseware from the date of the service registration, and it is not possible to obtain a refund, whether partial or full, after the purchase. No participant shall have no claim and / or action and / or demand against the company Minopsistech or any representative. The payment for the course includes the right to be examined once at no additional charge. The right to be reexamined would be against the payment of the examination fees according to the examination tariffs as determined by Minopsistech, which will be at least a quarter of the fee of the first payment. Success to the examination grants the right to subscribe to an advanced course which cost is at least the price of the first course purchased, the cost of advanced course does not include the cost of the final exam which cost is half of the cost of the advanced course. Success to both examinations grants the qualification and the certification of Minopsistech.

The Certificate of guarantee of Minopsistech. Before employers as it appears on the site, it is for the ten largest employers, measured by S & P, and it is limited to the amount of five thousand dollars (5.000 USD).

Limitation of Liability. IN NO EVENT a member of "MINOPSISTECH" shall be liable for (a) indirect, special, consequential, punitive damages, or damages for the example. This includes, among others, damages resulting from loss of income,  the loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of ability of use, the business interruption or losses in abstractions resulting from this website or related thereto (including, among other things, the use of this web site, the inability to use it or the results of its use), whether such damages being based on responsibility, warranty, contract, tort, law or whether based on any other legal theory, and even if any member of "MINOPSISTECH" was aware of the possibility of any damages (or was supposed to be aware of them).

Exclusions and limitations: Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation or the exclusion of liability for certain damages. Therefore, it is possibe that some of the disclaimers and limitations specified above do not apply to you. Should the members of "MINOPSISTECH" not be permitted, in accordance with such applicable law, to limit and deny such liability or to limit their obligations, the scope and the duration of such responsibility and the liability amount of "MINOPSISTECH" will be limited to the minimum permitted by applicable law.

General. The service of the  website and of the courseware "MINOPSISTECH is as AS-IS and the customer will have no claim and / or demand and / or action against the Company or anyone on its behalf in respect of the content of the service, its features, its characteristics, its limitations or its lack of compliance to capabilities, requirements and needs of the customer.

This license gives you non-transferable right, you must keep the privileges securely and prevent the transfer of its copies to any other party without the prior written consent "Minopsistech".

DISCLAIMERS- All the information stemming from and / or created by the use of the website belong to Minopsistech, which is entitled to use it as the owner.
We try to keep the system in operation, without incident and safe, however your use is at your own risk. We provide the courseware Minopsistech as is, without any warranty whatsoever, express or implied, including, inter alia, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose and non-infringement. We do not warrant that this website Minopsistech will always be safe, secured and error-free or operate always properly and without interruptions, delays or defects. Minopsistech is not responsible for the actions, content, information or data from a third party and you exempt us, our directors, our officers, employees and agents from any claims and damages, known or unknown, that arise from or related to any claim you have against such third party. If you are a California resident, you agree to give up the benefit of the civil regulation §1542, according to which: a general exemption will not be extended to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect that they exist in his favor at the time of the exemption, and that had he knew about them, it would have had a significant impact on the arrangements with the debtor. We shall not be liable to you.

Other conditions. Upon your registration of the website Minopsistech, the Company will be entitled to use any information required in order to provide the services requested by you. Also Minopsistech will be entitled to use the information to contact you by each means and / or contact information which you have transferred on the site, including through direct mail and direct mail services, in order to offer you any service and / or product and / or other information that is believed to fit and / or be of your interest according to the information available about you and / or service and / or product and / or other information at the discretion of the Company.

Minopsistech undertakes not to transfer to users personal information of its customers to third parties except in the event of default which is or may affect the website and / or any third party, including or in the case of using the services minopsistech for the performance of an illegal act or in the case of violation of the terms of this Agreement or in the event of a court order and / or decision of a competent court that imposes on the administration of the site to transfer the details of the user. In addition, the website management will be entitled to disclose any user information in any disputes or legal proceedings between it and the user.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions of Use or this Web site, please contact us: Support Services

Miscellaneous. Should any provision of this Agreement be found to be invalid, void or unenforceable, then this section will be disregarded and this shall not affect the enforceability of all remaining clauses. Minopsistech reserves the right to change or omit material from this Web site at any time at its discretion.