Minopsistech change the labor market

The labor market has undergone essential changes over recent years. One of the reasons for this is the excess supply of employees for each job.

Currently, employers understand that, in order to absorb an employee in a company, the fact that he has an academic degree and motivation is insufficient. He has to have the practical tools and, most importantly, essential tools for the company.

The economics and analysis world constitutes one of the fields that has undergone the largest revolution. In the past, for most employers a degree in economics or business administration was sufficient. The fact that these degrees are primarily theoretical has led employers to investing in many employee training resources.

The modern approach amongst employers is that, first and foremost, the professional skills are most important. To the extent that the technological era has developed, companies have begun to understand that they can save themselves many costs, including:

  1. In-house employee training, a cost, which, according to studies, is in the region of $27,000.
  2. Additional indirect costs – The cost of overtime, in view of payments to those undergoing training in the organization.

Surely, during training, the employee cannot perform his regular work, which leads to overtime, and an average indirect cost in the region of $11,000.

  1. In conclusion, the total cost resulting from one employee is in the region of $38,000.

This can be approached in a different manner!

Minopsistech's warranty – Minopsistech's legal guarantee promises employer’s full and professional training, a training program graduate who can be integrated into a range economics and analysis functions:

An economist, data analyst, business analyst, data auditor, operating inspector etc.

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