We commit to immediate placement or full refund will be made

What Skills Will I Learn in the program?

BI systems – Minopsistech's program advocates training that incorporates cutting-edge technology, including the BI and Qlikview software – BI is the world's most popular software program and used by top notch companies such as Siemens, Sony, Philips, Mercedes-Benz, Hertz, Fujitsu, Deloitte, Cisco, Canon, Toshiba and more.

1.Microsoft BI 

Microsoft's BI system is particularly groundbreaking as Microsoft enables large-scale companies to create a powerful BI system at markedly lower costs. In addition, the system offer high capabilities, such as creating responsive applications that are updated in real time.

The system is considered Microsoft's most cutting-edge advance in this industry and makes an excellent starting point for those wanting to grow in a data-analyst position in the biggest companies on the market and one day establish their own business in the BI field, just as our many former students who are now Microsoft's trailblazers and partners in this field have done.

2. Tableau 

Professional and efficient BI system, with the highest rating according to the international Gartner standard. It is being applied in some of the market's leading companies, such as Coca Cola, Exxon Mobil, the U.S. Army, PayPal, EMC, Dell, Adobe, Nike, Amazon, Google, Pfizer and more.

3. Excel

Expert command in Excel, including advanced applications.

4. Budgeting

Creating forecasts and conducting budgetary and operational reviews.

5. Pricing

So you studied for a degree in administrative accounting but have no idea on how to price a project in the high-tech industry or a product after Minopsistehc's training program? You'll be able to deal with a wide range of positions.

Candidates who wish to be admitted into a data-analyst or a business analyst positions have to know and be familiar with SQL and Visual Studio. These systems enable analysts to work with millions of Excel data units for a comparison limited to only one million bits of data.

The program offers professional training and offers analyst-position applicants to pass the entrance exams into the leading companies.

Based on information with the research firm's BI Gartner, there are currently thousands of positions waiting to be filled in the BI industry.

Graduates of Minopsistech's technological division are well integrated in diversified positions in the IT and analysis sector.

The program also prepares you for Microsoft's official exams, at the end of which you can apply for the Microsoft exam and receive the international certification:

MCSE – Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Business Intelligence

This certification is well recognized in high tech companies and provides you with another employment opportunity. The cost for the practical program is at a fixed price and includes study materials, software, test and certification by Minopsistech, as well as professional follow-up. Payment for the MCSE exams is made directly to Microsoft.

What is  it Minopsistech's certification?

Legally-biding obligations for uncompromised warrant and expertise so that your potential employer will have another reason to choose you over others.

Contact with employers and placement

Even leading employers turn to Minopsistech for their assistance in recruiting labor. Some of the many employers who turned to us: Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Tower, Boeing, Coca Cola, Toyota, Unilever, Sony and Nestlé. We do not charge a fee for placement in companies, a fact that makes many companies seek our assistance.

Furthermore, Minopsistech is renowned for its quality and precision placement practices as we are all highly experienced in the top financial departments. We at Minopsistech have developed the recruitment portal, which is the most advanced in the country. Each employer receives full information on our graduates, including the professional skills broken down into categories – a measure that both cuts down the employer's recruitment time and the brokerage costs to the various placement agencies.

Did you know that some of the largest companies on the market send us their professional staff? The reason for it is simple: Minopsistech equals optimal professional practical experience.

Minopsistech's training program and your work in the industry – in an age of competition, your practical experience makes all the difference. Employers are faced with a wide spectrum of candidates who have bachelor's degrees in economics and business administration but the employer is naturally interested in one thing only: the position requirements, meaning, the know-how in software such as SQL, BI systems and more, as well as professional expertise such as drawing up a budget, pricing, creating forecasts, cross-referencing data sources and data integration. As you have already understood, your grade in prices theory is not that relevant for the different kinds of positions. Minopsistech will provide you with the necessary tools to work as an analyst or economist.

Minopsistech – providing you with the professional experience offered by our top-rated companies.

Is the course difficult?

Minopsistech's course is not difficult. Everything we teach is directly taken from the financial departments. As opposed to the academia, where an understanding in abstract theories and memorizing formulas are a requirement, we believe in hands-on work on the most advanced systems, including financial projects and accumulated experience in budgeting, pricing, analysis, drawing up financial reports, data investigation, creating forecasts and more.

  • A unique study method that ensures optimal effectiveness.
  • The method includes immediate practice for every sub-component, for example budgeting skills:
The subject is covered incrementally in reference to high-tech companies and the industry, incorporating forecasts creation while drawing the data from advanced systems including forecasts creation and their study with the BI systems that are so common in large companies – all by gaining the experience and work with the leading companies.
How  long is  does it take to complete  the Minopsistech training program?
Three Months, in the end of the program you will pass a test that based wholly and solely on materials studied in the program. 
 The test reflects your expected success level in various employment positions.

Immediate placement after the course  or full refund

Minopsistech commit for  job placement ,for analyst  or economist positions   for graduate that  pass the test with grade 75.

  Any student have the right, for retake test within one month  after the first  test  without  test fee.