Minopsistech's legally-binding warranty

In today's world, bachelor's and master's degrees in economics and business administration leave less of an impression as they used to. In fact, first and second degrees enable us to apply to positions and are no longer useful. We are privileged enough to be able to send our resumes with hundreds of other applicants. Each year, hundreds of people complete their master's degrees and thousands their bachelor's degrees and join the workforce. We unfortunately know that the number of jobs offered cannot keep up with this pace.

So why should you undertake Minopsistech's training course?

1. You studied three years for a BA degree and two more years for our accreditation studies.

2. You paid a lot of money. A bachelor's degree in economics is costly. Beyond its high cost, you also had to incur the cost of not being able to work in a full-time position.

3. You have completed your master's degree and spent your money for the prestigious certificate.

And all that for the entitlement to submit your resume. What about your right to find a job? 

An already saturated workforce with first and second degree graduates raises the need for practical economics, which you get in Minopsistech's training course – so why actually?

  • Graduates of Minopsistech's training course have integrated in the best companies on the market – graduates who took the certification test are already working in the biggest firms. Minopsistech graduates can be found in top companies and organizations, such as: Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Tower, Boeing, Coca Cola, Toyota, Unilever, Sony, Nestlé, and other companies and organizations.

  • Minopsistech's insurance certificate, which gives you a level of support from employers – When did someone ever took responsibility over you? We provide each and every graduate who has undergone the certification test with Minopsistech's legally-binding warranty. The commitment guarantees the employer a refund for the fees he paid you of up to $5000. Therefore, employers have peace of mind and another important reason why they should choose you and not someone else – Minopsistech's warranty is legally binding.

  • Professional material from leading companies on the market – all the material is taken from the large companies on the market. The program prepares you for the high-tech and the industrial sectors, as well as consultancy firms.

  • Relevant for position – Employers go straight to the point. If you don't have the proficiency level and practice in economics, your chances of being admitted are low. Minopsistech's training program aims to give you the relevant tools to start working. Many of our graduates managed to integrate in the top-rated companies as economists and analysts. Our graduates come prepared to the workforce. Coupled with our ongoing support they receive from us, they pass the entrance exams to the leading companies in the country, including: Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Dow Chemical, Intel, Coca Cola, Abbott Laboratories, Philip Morris International, 3M, Unilever, Intel, Apple, Tower, Boeing, Sony, Nestlé, SAP, IBM and more. As of today, you longer have to settle for strictly Office positions. When you complete Minopsistech's training program, doors will open for you as you will really have something to offer besides willingness and motivation.

Placement at no cost for leading companies  – We at Minopsistech want you to have another advantage. We provide many leading companies placement services at no cost. As it goes, HR departments in various companies want to save money, as placement agencies profit from brokerage fees. We at Minopsistech provide companies with placement services at no cost. In addition, we provide them with a professional warranty. The large number of employers who turn to us know that our expertise in this field is absolute, which is why economists with a master's degree and experience in the field will have better placement chances than with any other placement agency. Furthermore, the fact that our service is at no cost attracts many companies to us.

Being called for a job interview is your big opportunity! Note that we take the professional interview with a professional individual such as a CFO, a departmental director or the chief economist, who will look into the applicants' compatibility for the specific position. The professional individual wants to know if you have hands-on experience in economics and not if you are proficient in the various economics theories. What does it mean? For example, if you came for a position that requires  budget creation and budgetary control, the CFO may ask you questions that you were not being taught to answer in the academia. Below are a few possible questions:

1. How proficient are you in BI systems? How proficient are you in SQL?

2. What are the stages in budget production?

3. Which department deals with the budget-preparation process?

4. What's the connection between Kpi and production reports?

5. How do you prepare a production forecast?

After completing Minopsistech's training program, questions of this kind do not pose a professional challenge anymore.

As you can understand from these questions, the CFO knows how to ask you many professional questions. You on the other hand only have one opportunity. It is therefore important that you answer him professionally.

Everyone has the motivation and the will to develop, but to be admitted your need to be a professional.

  • Minopsistech is a training program that saves many hours of training for the employer. Meaning, less time in training equals money being saved that should be invested on it. Even the employer is familiar the saying "time is money."
  • The professional toolbox that Minopsistech's course provides significantly enhances the employee's contribution to the firm. The toolbox is not being studied in universities but in private colleges. It's all about hands-on experience in economics.

Minopsistech – the choice of leading companies on the market – click here

Even the professionals, meaning, directors of financial departments, choose to send us employees. What does it indicate? If huge companies and state-run offices choose to send us their professional staff, it means that the program is innovative in providing the professional experience you need and an edge in getting a job.

Minopsistech  - direct contact with your employers. What does it mean?

  • Many companies are ask for our assistance to recruit economists and accountants – The companies know that our graduates come with a vast technological advantage. In addition, you should note that we provide companies with professional staff at no cost – a recruitment agency makes its living from the brokerage fees for their placements.

We do not charge any fee for the professional service we provide companies. Therefore, companies have another interest in approaching us. We at Minopsistech have also developed for companies the most advanced recruitment structure on the market.

  • Networking for HR directors – HR directors and recruiters are those who decide if your resume is relevant. Therefore, they decide whether or not to continue the recruitment process with you. Since HR departments of leading companies know us for example from professional workshops that we provide them, they know how much Minopsistech's professional training program is professional and effective. We add our graduates the plan as experience in their resume.

Employers have access to our computerized system, so that they can check if you have our certification. We provide HR professional workshops at no cost because we want them to turn to us to recruit economists and accountants before these turn to someone else. Your personal relationship with us is an advantage for you.

You can choose if you want to be realistic or naïve!!!

Being realistic means you understand that time is money. An organized overlap process only exists in theory. Why would people teach you everything they know?  Knowledge is power, right? You should know that overlap is made by rational people who do not want us to stand out and become better than them. Moreover, they don't have all the time for us because:

1. They have their own jobs and want to get home at no delay. They will therefore teach you the minimum required and only the minimum – why?

2.  For the rational reason that any rational individual wants to protect his livelihood and you can't pay the bills by being nice. On the other hand, the naïve individual expects an organized overlap.

There's nothing wrong with being naïve. We even learned in microeconomics classes that consumers have their own information and that all consumers are exactly the same… did we say something about being naïve…

We at Minopsistech's training program will prepare you professionally. You should note that even if you were admitted to a workplace you cannot lay back. Those who don't produce results lose their job. No employer has too much time to waste on you. Making a mistake in your new job is natural and can be forgiven once or twice, but on the third time, they will shake your hands, wish you good luck and show you the door out.