Job Guarantee within 3 month or full refund will be made

Minopsistech's warranty is a legally-binding warranty.

Minopsistech's training program makes you proficient in SQL, BI systems and Excel at a professional level.

Our certification is an indicator that each one of our graduates is fully versed in pricing, budgeting, financial and operational review, feasibility testing and more.

Minopsistech's training program stands for uncompromised expertise, which is therefore backed by a written obligation in accordance with a full refund to employer regulation if they are unhappy with the performance of Minopsistech's graduates.

We believe in facts and the most basic fact is that the employer highly considers the employee's expertise.

The more professional an employee is, the shorter his training process will be and his cost to the employer will be considerably

less.Note that the cost of a new employee who has to undertake training is double, as he not only has to pay us but also for the employee's time while being trained.

We at Minopsistech drastically cut down the training time. Our graduates can be found in more than 90% of the market's industries.

We provide employers with a crucial security, which simply states:

If you are unhappy with any of our graduates who have Minopsistech's certification, we will reimburse you on the salary you paid. Meaning, the employer is covered by an insurance policy. This statement is legally binding. Minopsistech's training provided a considerable edge to those with a similar educational background as yours but work in financial departments. Now it's your turn!