minopsistech SQL data analyst

SQL data analyst – the program was designed with an emphasis on practicality.

In large companies, data is stored on servers.

A data analyst is an analyst who knows how to generate queries and produce reports, including reports integrated from large-scale databases. You will have the tools required to work in analyst positions by the end of your training.

Note – The system is currently applied in all of the companies on the market, including: Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Tower, Boeing, Coca Cola, Toyota, Unilever, sony, Nestlé, SAP, and IBM.

Minopsistech's training program also provides you with the expertise in SQL, including its associated advanced uses.

SQL is currently the accepted form of storing high data volume. SQL language is the accepted form of approaching databases. Various organizations, such as state-run institutions and commercial companies broadly use it, whether through high-volume databases or local databases. The program also covers Microsoft Visual Studio, a popular system in many companies as it can generate smart reports rapidly and easily.

Graduates of the Minopsistech's technological section in the course are well integrated in wide-ranging positions in the IT and analyst fields.

The program also prepares you for Microsoft's official tests on a professional level, at the end of which you will be able to take a Microsoft test and be eligible for international certification:

MCSE – Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Business Intelligence

This certification is well recognized by high-tech companies and opens up doors for more employment options. The cost for program is fixed, and includes materials, software, an exam and Minopsistech's certification. Payment for the MCSE tests is made directly to Microsoft.

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