Has Minopsistech created a revolution in the recruitment field?


For years, employers were accustomed to recruiting according to very clear criteria, and positions often required candidates with relevant experience.  Minopsistech – leading the revolution which benefits employers, and of course people in the job market.
How does this revolution manifest? 

Minopsistech trains candidates for leading employers in the market place, promoting savings across multiple resources:

•    Training: instead of investing on training, the employee arrives ready for the role.

•    Salary: clearly an employee with experience can demand more than one without.  This is where our revolution comes into play.  An employee with no experience can accrue both knowhow and experience with us at the same level as someone trained within your organization but will cost you less – a good deal less.  As an employer you gain on profits, and the employee gains by finding a way to enter the industry, using the opportunity to structure a career.

•    Guarantee and assurance: one of the most important areas for a company, and especially for large organizations, is a legally valid and obligating guarantee.  Our guarantee is subject to clear outlines which state that if your company is dissatisfied with our graduate for any reason, we will recompense the employer with no less than $5000.  We are the only such organization providing this level of assurance.

What kinds of potential roles can be filled after undergoing a Minopsistech training program?
Data and   Controlling analyst in hi-tech and industrial organizations:  the program includes advanced elements in data research . 

Budgetary economist: the program includes advanced elements in forecast structuring which integrate technological tools such as Excel at the highest levels.
SQL Systems analyst: a program offering comprehensive fluency in the SQL system including advanced technological applications.
Cost accountant:  training includes advanced elements of costing and prepares candidates for integrating in this important sphere while studying areas critical to companies, including balance point and sensitivity, as appropriate for leading corporations in the market place.

Research economist:  the field of research currently encompasses use of advanced data analysis and processing tools from several sources of parallel information.  The program addresses the unique aspects of this field.

Innovation:  one of the focal advantages of Minopsistech training programs over candidates with experience from within the company is the issue of innovation.  An employee whose experience derives from within the company holds niche knowledge from within that employment role whereas graduates of Minopsistech courses are enriched with comprehensive professional knowledge based on several spheres of expertise.  This ensures an employer that the candidate will match the relevant business environment.

Importantly, the current market place reality in these areas has changed.  It’s now possible to join leading organizations by accruing experience with us.  Your motivation and our programs will promote your ability to cinch positions that interest you most.