Minopsistech's professional warranty

Minopsistech's professional warranty provides an obligation for a refund to potential employers if they are unhappy with your professional conduct.

You should realize that an employer has to make up his mind on who to recruit as he actually takes a risk because the employee may not be up for the challenge and waste a salary, social benefits and time.

Minopsistech undertakes to financially compensate employers at the salary level and social benefits if they were unhappy with our students' performance.

Note that you physically work on computers in the program. All materials are taken from the financial departments of leading companies, making your integration in the company more natural. Yes, even the largest companies on the market including state-run offices seek our professional upgrade for their employees, because decision-makers realize that professionalism lies at the heart of Minopsistech.

Universities and private companies can teach you well how to put your thinking caps on, but there's only one small problem: with thinking you can't pay the bills.

We will gladly consult you and be at your service. With the practical economist program, we will provide you with the hands-on and substantive experience as an economist that will greatly benefit you.

Minopsistech – professional consultation for companies and corporations

We at Minopsistech are also involved with providing business-type consultation that relates to the competitive environment in which the firm operates and try to formulate for it a strategy to navigate it in turbulent waters.

We also provide strategic consultation, other than strategic planning, and also provide assistance in business development, Due Dilligence processes and formulating a marketing strategy and a practical experience standard for economists.

We perform integration and conduct the projects from start to finish at the client's place to be exposed to the dynamic work environment and to enable us to provide the most effective recommendations.

Minopsistech also provides business-administrative consultation and enhanced business processes and inter-organizational interfaces, applying the strategy in the organization, data management, consultation and organizational development and ergonomics (human engineering). We have the tools to provide a response for the client's needs for obtaining a comprehensive and multidisciplinary solution that integrates engineering aspects ("tough" indexes) and organizational aspects ("soft" indexes).

The company also provides strategic-planning services, marketing consultation and business development that focuses on spurring growth and creating business activities and new revenues around the world. We offer a wide array of services, including marketing-strategy creation, preparing business plans, product/company positioning, mapping a competitive environment, projects' and products' pricing, market surveys and business information, creating a marketing and budgeting plan with help in their implementation – all through application. The company has a network of business partners that reduce the costs of the project, with optimal financial practicality when it comes to business partners that are best suited to the project and on the other hand maximize results. That level of cooperation facilitates contacts to suppliers, marketing channels and business-development opportunities. In addition, it provides access to strategic clients.

We at Minopsistech are also involved with sector analysis and analyzing diversified macro subjects, conducting financial inspections that comply with the market requirements, designing a business strategy, drawing financing plans and worth estimates to companies in various fields, including communications and data systems, infrastructures and energy, real-estate development, a practical economist standard. We have vast 
experience in developing financial models used for analysis and resolving complex financial and systemic issues. We therefore think it is important to pass on that practicality even to our graduates.