Among the important reports covered in Minopsistech's training program

Expertise in preparing financial reports is one of the most significant skills.

Throughout the workday, the analyst and the economist are required to produce many financial reports. These reports are crucial on a number of levels:

On the operational level: Preparing production reports, such as KPI reports, which help daily monitor the variant profit divisions.

Control reports – one of the key roles that economists and analysts are tasked with are the ongoing control and monitoring reports. With Minopsistech's training course, you will learn how to generate control reports for the full range of industries, including high-tech companies of course.

Administration reports – The company stores a high data volume. Our goal, as economists and analysts, is to simplify the data for decision-makers and create for them financial simulations by which they can make optimal decisions for the firm.

Forecast reports – As economists and analysts we must generate forecasts in reference to different parameters. This reference is particularly important since we strive to generate a realistic forecast.

Among the important reports covered in Minopsistech's training program

Profitability analysis of profit centers – The course will teach you how to calculate profitability of the various organizational departments in the most efficient manner and without mistakes through an integrated test.

Projects' feasibility test – One of the most crucial tasks in the professional life of an economist is to check if the project is feasible. This course focuses on the professional practicality, including situations taken from leading companies in Israel, as opposed to the financial lessons you took in your degree, where you only learned theories.

Generating financial models in real time – The significance in generating financial models is highly critical and comes from the fact that every company has an optimistic, pessimistic and common forecast. The program aims to provide you with applicable and not theoretical tools. The financial models being covered in the program ensure optimal forecast-reports generation to management, including all the financial aspects: all the tools are computerized and ready to be instantly applied in an organization.

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  • Minopsistech is a practical training program. The program provides experience in a number of niches: high-tech, industry and consultation firms.
  • The program provides absolute technological edge, including BI and SQL systems, Excel on a professional level, and all the professional skills required by employers.
  • Minopsistech is a corporation that enables employers to obtain more skilled and cheaper labor, and offers you a foothold in the job market.