Minopsistech's training program will take you in-depth to these contents

Including the BI Expert plan of Business Intelligence systems to work as a data analyst

The BI field is currently on the rise. BI systems, as well as business-intelligence systems are used as a tool for making business-type decisions based on financial simulations, for processing millions of data units in real time, for testing trends, cross-referencing data, produce reports and perform various kinds of audits.

Companies are looking for those with a high level of proficiency in BI systems, coupled with a financial education – a combination of technology on the one hand and a financial understanding of the various influencers on the firm generate great demand in the market., you will be exposed to the advent of technology – creating a BI and a cloud-based system integrated into an application.

These skills set you apart from other applicants and offer you easy access to a range of positions in the analytical field.

Note – The systems that we cover can be found with: Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Tower, Boeing, Coca Cola, Toyota, Unilever, Sony, Nestlé, SAP and IBM.

Most placements that use the systems will require you to know them. We at Minopsistech will provide you with the experience in these systems.

At Minopsistech we strive to teach you a number of systems, in order to make your analyst experience most relevant at the various workplaces.

 Producing warning and signaling reports for obtaining management-level decisions.
 Data collection and mining and more. Minopsistech prepares you for analyst positions in high-tech companies, industrial companies and state-run companies.
 With the Minopsistech program, you can gain experience in a number of BI systems.
 Microsoft BI – Powerful business-based intelligence system by Microsoft.
 Qlikview – The most-common business-based intelligence system used by high-tech and insurance companies.
 Tableu – Business-type intelligence system that is compatible with all the existing databases.