Minopsistech is a training program that provides proven hands-on experience

Where do our graduates work?
Hiring Rate Average Starting Salary
 Hiring Rate 87% $95,000

All the subjects in the training program are directly taken from the leading financial departments and are being p Minopsistech provides employers with a  
  All the subjects in the training program are directly taken from the leading financial departments and are being practiced 
  Minopsistech is a training program that provides proven hands-on experience, both for economist and analyst positions.   Minopsistech is a top provider of candidates of some of the world's most leading companies.

We provide you  the BI, SQL and Excel software, including sophisticated Excel addendums.

Furthermore, the price includes access to the training movie clips.

The companies offer you  a job , we provide them the Minopsistech Warranty and save them:

  • months of training
  • approximately $39,000  , in regular training  that takes 3 Months, and the company must pay :
 Salaries  and additional costs of social benefits

And you ? Are You Still Here? Start   a new   career right now .

Here Are Some facts About us:

Our Alumni fill positions  that filled in the past just by employees with 2-3 years of experience, But they will accept Take a Lower salary ,this fact make them very attractive for the employers.

2. Warranty up to 5,000$ - The warranty even covers financial compensation if they are not satisfied with the performance of Minopssitech's certification holders.

3. Professional placement at no cost to companies – we at Minopsistech would like to give employers another reason to recruit through us, thus, we offer them expert placement services at no cost. As you already know, placements through agencies cost employers a lot of money, nearly $670,000 on average per year, a sum they can save and improve profitability. 

.The Minopsistech method for placement in leading companies in the economy

This is a professional training company that trains many employees in the economics and analysis fields.

Practically, Minopsistech saves companies the entire training process involved in qualifying employees for economics and analysis functions.

Our Method in a Nutshell: 

This obviates companies having to invest in up to four months of training for an employee, at a cost of approximately $39,000, with additional costs of social benefits for employers.

We at Minopsistech perform complete training for companies, which includes absolute mastery of BI, SQL, Excel, and budget and control systems etc.

Qualified personnel at reduced costs – In view of the training program, employees receive qualified personnel at a reduced cost. Surely, it would be reasonable to assume that a graduate from our program would agree to work for less than a candidate with two or three years of experience.

The Advantage for Employers - Employers get highly trained personnel for less money. In the case of large organization, reference is to immense savings of resources. Therefore, this is one of the reasons that we have a large number of graduates in large leading companies in the economy. 

Minopsistech Professional Warranty Certificate- We believe in you and undertake to compensate employers with the sum of $5,000 should they say that you are professionally inadequate compared with an experienced candidate. This warranty certificate is pursuant to the regulations.

The Advantage for Employers – This is an organized mechanism that provides employers with the confidence to, in fact, select you and not someone else.